Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Intention of the Blog

By creating this blog, I hope to pour out all of those nagging, lingering, and brilliant insights that fall from the sky down into my lap each and every day. This will be a way to keep track of myself, as well as share with others the fantastic discovery, undying challenge, wondrous rapture, and immaculate imperfection that is my life.

Also, it will be an exploration into the workings and events of the world -- you know ... the world we all share?

More questions than answers. More theories than "truth." More wide-eyed curiousity than "Ha-I-already-knew-that!"

Mostly, I just like to see my name in big letters.

And yes, my life is an imperfection. Isn't yours? I believe it was in the movie, "Troy," where it was said that the gods envy us. As humans, we can experience emotions, pain, love, and loss. We are imperfect, and our lives are filled with twists and turns. We are not settled and sitting on a cloud in the sky. In our lives, we are moving, changing, growing, and dying. A god cannot experience such things. It's our striving towards perfection (and never getting there) that truly makes life worth living.

And that is why I'm here, writing this blog. It is yet another thing inching me closer and closer to the perfection I will never achieve. (Thank God!) Perfection is a means to no end. It is an inspiration to keep moving. As I refine my thoughts and rewire my mind, I revel in the full awareness of the changes all around and within me. Things sure are moving, so onward I go ...

Wanna come with me?

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