Sunday, February 27, 2011

Return From Wintercount

It was another great time at the Wintercount Primitive Skills Rendevous this year.  Beautiful weather and beautiful people; primitive skills galore and amazing speakers and discussions; and, as always, a wonderful sense of community in the Arizona desert.  Now that I'm back in freezing cold Utah, I'm kind of kicking myself for not getting more sun while down south.  Oh well, I guess I'll have to keep up my vitamin D stores through food.

My class on Primitive Nutrition and Health was a blast to teach.  The folks in attendance were very engaged and had lots of insight and knowledge to share.  I'm always amazed by the collective wisdom of a group of people, and the discussions that came about from this particular group were quite thought-provoking, to say the least.  I'm especially grateful for the folks that were well-versed in some of the finer details of human evolution, which really added a lot to the class.  It was also fun hearing others' stories about diet and health and their response to some of the material I provided.  One man, who had been on a diet of donuts and soda, expressed his relief that to eat healthy doesn't mean that you have to munch on baby carrots and celery all day long -- and that a diet of steak and potatoes is a viable way to achieve wellness.  He liked that idea very much.


Emily Porter said...

Hello fellow health seeker! I enjoyed your talk at Wintercount. I'll let you know if I find anything that works really well for my chronic fatigue. Right now taking some of Doug Simons desert herbs and 8 tablespoons of freshly ground flax per day! Going to a new specialist on wednesday for a bunch of expensive lab tests to see exactly what is going on.

Ryan Koch @ Health Matters to Me said...

Hey Emily! Nice to hear from you. I would be really interested to know if you find anything that works for your chronic fatigue. Doug's a great guy and has helped many people -- glad to hear that he's helping you out. Good luck with that and all of the testing. What kinds of tests are you getting, by the way?

In spite of the chronic fatigue, you sure seem to lead an active life -- you're website is awesome!

Emily said...

Hey Ryan, Just wanted to give you an update on my own saga. Testing revealed:
-several probable active opportunistic infections including mild mono, herpesvirus 6, parvo virus, pnemonia.
-bloodwork consistent with B vitamin anemia
-in range thyroid values but on the weaker end for t-3 (increases energy) and higher for t-3 reverse (slows things down)
-ok daytime cortisol levels, too high at nighttime
-zinc deficiency
-no cardiovascular inflammation
-no iron anemia
-no evidence of lymes disease
-also getting tested for heavy metal toxicity

Current treatment besides various natural supplements is:
-hydrocortizone supplementation
-b vitamin shots
-autohemotherapy where they take blood from a vein and reinject it into a muscle to stimulate the immune response. (It works--I get a feverish reaction afterwards)
-will be getting antiviral medication from canada