Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Belated Farewell ... For Now

As a soul adventurer of sorts, I have a great many interests that occupy my time.  New interests come and consume my time and focus.  Old ones go on the back-burner, but sometimes return to the fore-front.  The blog you are reading is a bit of a relic of my past interest and passion -- health and nutrition.  It was a very important time for me, as I learned a lot about how a sound body cultivates a sound mind.  However, as these things go for a mental drifter like myself, once I learned the lessons I needed to learn, I integrated them into my life and moved on to other things.  Hence the extreme lack of updates on this here blog.

That is not to say that health is no longer important to me.  Rather, I mean to say that I am not actively pursuing the study of it aside from my own personal tinkering in the kitchen and ever-evolving eating patterns.  It is something I enjoy doing, but it is not something I am inspired to write about anymore or dwell on too much.  That may make some of you feel sad: "Darn.  I really enjoyed this guy's crazy perspectives and wild experiments in health."  It may make some of you feel relieved: "Finally he's stopped his kooky health adventures!  I thought he was going to die of Salmonella poisoning for sure!"

Either way, I have always appreciated the support from my readers.  Your comments, donations, and e-mails still reach me and are always well-received.  So keep them coming.

Where do we go from here?  Well, the blog will stay right where it is.  It is here as both a service to other health explorers who can benefit from the information as well as my own personal historical account that I can look back on fondly.  If I should embark on another significant experimental health venture which I feel the world could benefit from knowing about, you can be sure this blog will be the venue for it.  In the meantime, my hope is that it continues to inspire people to question diet gurus and mainstream nutrition and instead seek answers for themselves, paying attention to the wisdom of the body while utilizing the intuition of the spirit.  That is ultimately the only "right" way to approach health improvement -- as your own journey which only you have the answers for.  The pieces of your body's puzzle are out there for you to fit together.

Wow.  I got pretty deep on you there, didn't I?  That was heavy stuff.  Really, what I want to say is: Keep on keeping on, and may all of your lives be blessed with optimal health, self-knowledge, and tasty food.

Until Next Time,
Ryan Koch


LeonRover said...

"Good night Sweet Prince, and flights of Angels sing thee to thy sleep".

Anonymous said...

i'm wondering how your palate expander worked after all?? I'm considering looking for an orthodontist who can do the expansion on my palate with the Homeoblock. I'm so curious to find out how you look now??? I'm sure I cant be the only one!


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm also curious about the rapid palate expander? I too had 4 teeth pulled out when I was 12, and now only have 24 left. I'd like to widen my arch and wonder if that would require me to get dentures or would there be a gap at the back of me mouth when I smile? Has that been an issue for you? I hope that you're more than satisfied with your new appearance. Good luck!