Wellness Consultations For Preventative Health

Ryan Koch, Wellness Counselor & Independent Health Researcher
10+ years of personal health investigation

I am absolutely fascinated by the way our bodies work depending on what we put into them. Through my own health investigations spanning over a decade – as well as hearing others' experiences and conducting deep research – I have developed an approach to wellness that applies four specific phases, each of which cater to the client's own personal health goals and pace. My specialty areas include food intolerance, digestion/absorption, gastrointestinal problems, wilderness nutrition, and dietary experimentation.

Over the years, I have realized that there is not one diet or supplement that will work for everybody all the time. Rather, each individual must discover at their own pace what it is that works for them. My role as a Wellness Counselor is to work in conjunction with the client towards achieving their goals while helping them avoid common pitfalls along the way. I offer simple suggestions to guide a client to better health – lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, and straightforward supplementation. Oftentimes, eliminating offending foods, for example, is all that is needed to meet a client's health goals. If this is the case, the client saves money on doctor visits or bodywork that may not address the simple root cause of their physical complaints. If this approach doesn't aid a client in what they wish to accomplish, I can point him or her to professionals such as doctors, naturopaths, massage therapists, herbalists, or others that might be able to help.

During a wellness counseling session, there are many times more questions than answers. This is because it is in asking the right questions that a client's goals can be clarified, symptoms in his/her body can be narrowed down and understood more deeply, and what is and is not working can be determined. If a client is interested in certain therapies or dietary interventions, I can research those interests and compile relevant information to interpret to the client during their sessions. Furthermore, as someone who has also worked in the behavioral health field for several years, I can offer compassion and sensitivity towards the client's needs and seek to understand “the big picture” in what is happening with his/her mind in addition to the body. This process is about working with the client and seeing him or her as a whole person.

What I Do For Clients: In a Nutshell

  • Conduct an initial interview to determine specific health goals
  • Ask questions to deeply investigate physical and/or emotional complaints
  • If necessary, refer health modalities that may be of benefit
  • Educate in body awareness techniques – i.e. “listening to the body”
  • Conduct food elimination trials in an easy, straightforward manner
  • Advise and monitor diet experimentation
  • Suggest supplementation that can be easily purchased at stores or from health professionals
  • Aid in shopping for healthy foods or supplements
  • Conduct independent health research upon request
  • Present information that clarifies the reasoning behind my health recommendations

Consultation Details & Fees

All consultations are conducted on the phone or via Skype.  Visits in person can be arranged if it is logistically feasible.  (I live in Tucson, AZ.)  Sliding-scale donations of $20-$50/per hour are suggested and can be paid via the Paypal or Bitcoin donation button on the blog's main page.

I can be reached at (520)329-2515 or rkoch900@gmail.com

I look forward to working with you!