Monday, March 1, 2010

Wintercount Rendezvous 2010

After going shirtless and stocking up my vitamin D reserves in the Sonoran Desert at the Wintercount Rendezvous, I'm back to blogging and am pretty excited to share some of the experiences I've had over the last few weeks.  I bought a digital video camera just before attending the gathering in order to document some of my Primitive Nutrition classes, as well as an interview or two.  Now I'm learning how to edit the footage and soon will have some of these videos to share here on my blog.  For now, I thought I'd provide a glimpse into what I've been up to lately -- particularly for all you curious folks out there who might be asking yourselves, "Just what in the heck in this 'Wintercount' thing this guy mentions so often?"  Enjoy!



zanjabil said...

It's interesting that people are going back to this way of life. What was once considered
"uncivilized" is now seen as a better way to live. Much to be said about civil-lies-ation.

Ryan Koch @ Health Matters to Me said...

It is fascinating how many folks are going back to tried and true human traditions. The most significant element of these "reindigenizing" or "rewilding" movements, in my opinion, is the community piece. Genuine, reciprocating human interaction within a community is an important aspect of overall health!

Half Navajo said...

i really like this blog.


Michael said...


Welcome back. I wondered where you went. :-)

I posted the Weston Price video clip not long ago and the the thing took off. I didn't realize you had posted it previously on your website until I was doing a Google Search seeing how viral it went.

A site you might want to check out is Paleo Princess. Someone in the comments has already linked to several of your articles on eating and preparing whole animals. She has embarked on a rather interesting experiment and could use your expertise. You will see what I mean if you read a few of her posts.

Ryan Koch @ Health Matters to Me said...


Yeah, I noticed you posted the video, too. Glad to see it's being spread around. It's so amazing to see and hear Dr. Price!

I'll check out Paleo Princess -- sounds like a site I'd enjoy.

Thanks for dropping by!

Michael said...
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Michael said...


Yeah the Price video is "priceless" :-)

Trying to run down the copyright of the movietone news reel. The rest of the youtube clip seems to belong to PPNF.